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About us

Our Vision is to provide educational resource material for academic research and development to all students through online web-based digitized library system to all universities in West Africa, Africa, and to the general public. The Africa Intellectual Database for Development & Excellence will be a platform for academic research for students, professors, economic development researchers, and industrial engineering development reforms for Africa and the rest of the world. AIDDE will hold the text books for both public and private universities in all the academic and practical application disciplines, all the text books of the second cycle institutions, senior secondary schools, junior secondary schools and the primary school levels with their entire academic syllabus Tutorials.

Final Vision is a unique company because it designs and manufactures its own quality laptops, customized to suit the Africa's climatic conditions, personal computers, accounting Information systems, development of knowledge management systems, digitization of electronic library systems (AIDDE) and network servers to meet the client's customized needs. In addition, Final Vision also design and implement Wide Area Network (WAN) and Local Area Networks (LAN) systems, VLANS, MANS and ATM Technologies.

Final Vision for Ghana and Africa

The vision is that within ten years to come every student in Ghana from the university level to the primary school levels can go to the Africa Intellectual Database for Development & Excellence portal and read any text books for their level of education and interest. They will have access to a large pool of collection of text books at their levels of education. They will have the freedom and liberty to read any textbooks anywhere, anytime, and any place. This system of approach is to bring education to the people rather than the people having to chase for education.

Motto: Education is the key to a quality and noble life therefore; the use of E-Library Systems and computers facilitates the process of acquiring knowledge, intelligence, skills, accountability, efficiency, and wisdom which are the fundamental pillars of building a sound economy in every society..

The philosophy of Final Vision is this: Truth, Equality, Honesty, and Integrity are the founding rock upon which Final Vision conducts business with investors and its clients.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring computer technology, computer network engineering and our Electronic Library Systems to every corner of the world. This project will allow people to share knowledge, establish control over their own businesses and obtain accountability, efficiency, sharing of resources, and information in the educational institutions, corporations, governments, organizations, and the private sector. This mission will enhance the vision of global village; whereby the establishment of multi-directional communication technology is vital to the developing economies of countries throughout the world.

Products and Services

We have over 15 years of experience in assembly of laptops, research and development of computer hardware technologies; produce durable Laptops, desktops, and Servers. The company is currently conducting research to develop solar laptops & desktop charger devices that can power the laptops, desktops, and servers without any electricity for longer periods.

At Final Vision Technology, the company believes in strategic alliances, and draws a lot of experience through synergy. Final Vision has a partnership agreement with Vernalis System Limited in the joint efforts for the development of Africa Intellectual Database For development & Excellence Platform Technology.

For the company to achieve success, we believe in group success on all levels of our projects, therefore, Final Vision offers Fiber cabling, Electrical, and Telecommunication engineering solutions in all levels to governments, security agencies, and countries, large corporations where data, video streaming, and voice are mission critical for their survival in the world of globalization.

Final vision has 150 software and hardware engineers grouped together to deliver any technical solutions to any company or government that will require our services.

Our expertise in computer hardware and software development is superior because we have over four research labs across the globe.