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Final Vision Technology Ltd. Partners Regent University to Transform Engineering Education

Regent University

17-01-2017 - Final Vision Technology Limited, a Canadian-based technology manufacturing firm, has donated assorted computer engineering equipment to Regent University College of Science and Technology.

The items worth about GHS 10,000 were donated to the University as part of the firm’s commitment to transforming engineering education in Africa, by promoting hands-on learning. The equipment included voltimeters, multimeters, micro controllers, cloud terminals, digital multimedia kits, solar panels and wireless adaptors.

The Chief Executive Officer of Final Vision Technology, Mr. Anthony Ardiabah, presented the items to the University. The President of Regent University College, Professor Nicholas N.N. Nsowah-Nuamah, received the items on behalf of the University College and expressed appreciation to the team at Final Vision Technology Ltd. for the support.  

The technology firm will also assist in the setting up of a modern computer engineering laboratory at the Regent Campus that will be powered by renewable energy. This will be done in partnership with the Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Allied Sciences (FECAS).

 “Through this co-operation students will acquire relevant skills in the field of engineering, thus contributing towards making Regent a centre for technology and innovation”, said Prof. Nsowah-Nuamah. He assured the firm that the equipment will be put to good use.

Final Vision Technology Limited in partnership with FECAS will also train Regent students in the manufacturing of various engineering components as well. Students will also benefit from the expertise of faculty from St. Mary's University in Canada, an affiliate institution of Regent. 

Also in attendance at the presentation ceremony were the University Registrar, Ms. Nancy Ansah, the Dean of FECAS, Dr. Paul Obeng, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Stanley Moffatt, Dr. Erzen Lokman, Head of the 

Name Maoua Diomande


Miss:  Name Maoua Diomande join AIDDE Team of Excellence to promote E-Library, Digitization, and E-Teaching Platform Project in Africa and the rest of the world since 2014. She is a woman with a Vision and believes ithat t is only through the mass Education of the African people through a modoern Technology assistance AIDDE Platform  and the availability of the current Educational materials to all Africans both students, Professors, Lecturers, and Students, can bring a revolution in the Development of Africa and the industrilization of the African Continent and its peole. Miss Diomande has a background as an Educationist. She taught for fourteen years in Ivory Coast before she went to France for her Graduate Studies. Afrter her Graduate studies she went back to teaching and became a business owner in Canada. She devoted part of her time in Canada to advocate for Education of adults and children. She has outstanding work ethics in social communnity work for social change in Canada and in Africa through Edcuation.  


Software Solutions to Problems on Heat Transfer

In this book on Natural (or, Free) convection, many problems of practical interest are solved using Mathcad, Engineering Equation Solver (EES) and EXCEL. As done in other books in this series, viz. “Software Solutions to Problems on Heat Transfer”, much emphasis is given on the use of these software to conduct parametric analysis and present graphical representation of results. In ‘Natural or free convection’, fluid movement is caused because of density differences in the fluid due to temperature differences, under the influence of gravity. Obviously, as compared to Forced convection, the heat transfer coefficient is lower in the case of Natural convection. Still, Natural convection is one of the important modes of heat transfer used in practice since there are no moving parts and as a result, there is an increased reliability. We shall solve problems of Natural convection involving following geometries: Vertical plates and cylinders, horizontal plates, cylinders and spheres, different types of enclosed spaces, rotating cylinders, disks and spheres. We will also consider important problems of Natural convection from finned surfaces, and cases of combined Natural and Forced convection.

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