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Benefit to participant

How does AIDDE benefits lecturers that sells/produce hand-out and study materials for the college students.

Part of the subscription & minimum support renumerations received from the users will be used to pay copy Right access fees to Publishers and support professors for their work. Publishers, Authors, and Professors that will produce good supplementary reading materials for their students will have the opportunity to upload their materials unto the AIDDE platform for their students and the users to access them instead of charging the students directly. Those supplementary readings that are well written will also be accessed by other universities from around the world, Africa, and North America universities that are registered on the system. The professors will be rewarded a copy rights access fees. The professors will have thousands of students reading their work and they will be rewarded for good work more than just selling only a few handout to their students in class. (Knowledge Pool and Sharing)

What does the school/University gain in monetary value?

The main benefit of the system goes to students since the system will provide enough quality academic e-library textbooks for the students to conduct effective research for the development of any technologies, scientific models, and Business Development processes. Universities and schools that register to become partners with AIDDE will benefit from the academic text books that will be purchased or donated from publishers, Authors, and renowned academic scholars. All those educational materials will be available on the platform for every university on the platform to benefit. 2. Students registered on the system can work on projects together from all over the world no matter where they are located through " Make a Difference in the world Dashboard " that will be available on the system. 3.FvTech also has equipment to help schools and Universities to digitizes their educational materials and upload those materials onto the platform for both their students and also other universities in Africa and the world to access those materials.(Share Knowledge) All African universities and schools will also have the opportunity to digitize their Educational materials and upload them on the system.

Copy Rights and Demo Usage?

No e-textbooks materials will be uploaded on AIDDE platform unless those e-textbooks are legally eligible as a public material or purchased and a written permission is obtained from publishers. demo-usage to test effectiveness, accessibility, security, and ease in operation of the AIDDE database management platform. FvTech will provide intensive training to local librarian to become familiar with the management portal part of the system, test the system prior to migrate their respective data base to AIDDE.

How Can The Public Register ? at AIDDE

1. 2. click on login 3. select Student Register 4. Select Saint Mary's & Regent as the public University 5. For public students or users use SMU200 as the student IDs. 6. An email from admin will be sent to the user 7. User can now login 8. Send mobile money of $10 discounted subscription per year to +233557917035 in Ghana for emerging countries In North America and Europe go to or send your payment through paypal at

Is AIDDE platform applicable to Secondary Schools?

Coverage of Educational Levels

The system is designed to meet any education level requirements from kindergarten to the University education level.AIDDE platform will provide equal opportunity to educate all students around the world with the same educational materials at the same levels, any time, any place with the help of our FvTech Tablet project. The system will prevent academic plagiarism

Payment Issues

What are the payments modes?

Online by using credit cards, Offline by check by cheques, or pay in person. You can also send in cheque payment, however you have to wait until your cheque clear the bank.

Is there a charge for paying online?

No. We provide this service at no cost to you.

Once I pay online, do I have to pay this way every month?

No. This service is available for your convenience. If you pay online this month, you can send a check next month. There are never any automatic payments, so you remain in control. You decide the amount and date we are to deduct the payment from your account.

Do I have to provide an email address?

No. However, if we do not have an email address, we may not be able to send you confirmation that we have received your request and we are processing your payment. This confirmation is a good source of reference if there are any future questions about your online payment.

How secure is my personal information?

We use the most up-to-date encryption technology to ensure your account information is not available to outside sources. Also, we never provide unauthorized third parties with information regarding how, when, or how much you pay.

What type of accounts can I use to pay online?

You can use either a checking or savings account. At this time, we do not accept debit or credit cards.

Registration Issues

What is a User Name?

The User Name is the way you'll be identified on any forum posts, user reviews, or article comments you make. Since this will show on all your posts, choose a name that conceals or reveals your identity as much as you feel comfortable doing. Each User Name is unique in the PCWorld community, so if you choose a User Name that another PCWorld member already has, when you click Submit you'll be returned to the form and see a message in red letters that says "User name already in use." Try entering a different User Name for yourself in that field. Note: Your User Name cannot be changed. You can change your e-mail address, password, and other profile information. For security reasons, though, and to maintain the continuity of your identify for all posts you make, your User Name remains constant.

How do I choose my password?

Your password must be composed of at least six characters which can be only letters and/or numbers. (No symbols or other characters are permitted.) Your password is case sensitive, so if you decide to capitalize any letters, you must always capitalize them when you sign in, too. Enter exactly the same password again in the Confirm Password field.

What happens when I click Submit?

When you have finished the registration form, click the Submit button at the bottom. When the required fields are completed correctly, a confirmation page will be displayed.

Why did I get an "E-mail already in use" message?

If you already have a PCWorld newsletter subscription under the same address you're using to register, after you complete and submit the registration form, you'll be returned to the form with a message in red letters: "E-mail already in use." To continue, just click the "Click to update your account" link to tell our system you do want to register also under that address.

Why did I get a "User name already in use" message?

Each User Name is unique in the community, so if you choose a User Name that another member already has, when you click Submit you'll be returned to the form with a message in red letters that says "User name already in use." Try entering a different User Name for yourself in that field and click Submit again.

Why was I returned to the form after clicking Submit?

If you clicked the Submit button and were returned to the form but no error message was displayed, that probably means one of the required fields was left blank. The field you need to complete will be marked with a red asterisk (*). Complete that field and click Submit again.

What if I get an "Invalid E-mail Address or Password" message?

The most likely reason is that either your e-mail address or password was entered incorrectly. Enter them again exactly as they were on your registration form and then click the Sign In button. If the error message is displayed again, check to be sure you're using exactly the same e-mail address you used when registering. If you are, then it's possible you have forgotten your password. See "What if I forget my password?" below.

Usernames and Passwords

Is the username and password transferable?

User names are unique and associated to users' ID / Student ID The system monitors user logins 24 hours and monitor the time students login. If the same username is login twice the system lock the username and password and will not be able to use the system again. They are not transferable neither shared at different location. Unusual activities are automatically reported to the security log and the IP address of the machine is sent to denial of access