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About Us

Our Vision to develop the Africa Intellectual Database for Development & Excellence(AIDDE) e-library and the e-Teaching Technology is to provide a platform whereby all universities, industries, institutions of higher learning, colleges, and  younger children from kindergaten to junior high schools will share all educational materials, thesis, full academic text books, research materials, journals, and articles in Africa and the rest of the world. AIDDE platform has over 230,000 new academic textbooks from our publishers and partners from Europe, Africa, and North America. Textbooks from our publihsers and the partners are among the biggest e-book publishers in the world. At AIDDE "ONE WORLD ONE ACADEMIC e-LIBRARY AND e-TEACHING PLATFORM" the e-textbooks covers all  the subject areas. The platform also has the digitized materials from various schools and universities aroud the world.

The Movement is simple: Professors will use the current 230,000 academic textbooks to teach varoius courses directly from the platform in the  classrooms, and the students will access the same e-textbooks in the classrooms without buying hard copy textbooks to study or to conduct research at anywhere, anytime in the world. The public users, and other research instiitutions will use the same resources to develop green energy technologies, establish industries for equal knowledge and economic growth in the countries around the world. "EQUAL OPPORTUNITY FOR EVERY ONE AND ALSO BRIDGE THE GAP BETWEEN ACADEMIC RESEARCH AND INDUSTRIES"

The platform will also provide Share Point, Cloud Data Storage & data Security for companies, organizations, and various uniiversities around the world to store documents for future generations. There will never be a better quality BOOK somewhere else than your OWN. (Just to give value on the importance of local contents production and development, everyone should be encouraging). FvTech digitization project will help every one to easily share data, information, and knowledge for the common good.

Final Vision is a unique organization because it designs and manufactures its own quality laptops, tablets, and Pmachines that are customized to suit all climatic conditions. Some of the products the company produce are: Smart FvTech tablet/laptop/cell phone combined, personal computers, development of Accounting Information Systems, the installation and development of Knowledge Management Systems portal, Digitization of electronic library materials, and the Production of servers for large networks to meet the client's customized needs. In addition, Final Vision also design and implement Wide Area Network (WAN) and Local Area Networks (LAN) systems, VLANS, MANS and ATM Technologies. Please visit our  E-library Subscription website and purchase your subscription or make contributions toward continous development of this noble project.

Final Vision  Technology Ltd. Mission For The World

Every Child in the world has a potential to contribute intelligence, creativity, and insight to make the world a better place and Africa Intellectual Database for Development & Excellence will continue to provide Technologies as a foundation to support knowledge base resource materials and its availability  for our users and the dreams of every child to come True” Make the world a better place by the gift of sharing knowledge resources among humanity with Peace and Love.

The platform is developed to host the resources of libraries of thousands of universities around the world for the purpose of bringing together  :

  • Academic and industrial researchers, engineers, the youth, developers of Green Energy Technologies for the purpose of Development and Industriralization of developing nations

  •  Educational materials for the poor, needy, and marginalized people through the sharing of e-library and knowledge resources

  • The system will allow all people to share knowledge, creativity, skills, for the development of  Green Energy Technologies for Africa and the rest of the world.

  • The AIDDE Platform can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and on every digital device in the world.

  • The platform will promote, Intergrity, Honesty, Self confidence, Peace Initiatives, Love, Understanding and Unity among humans through the gift of knowledge sharing of educational resources among people through out the world (Service to Humanity and all of us standing and working together)

  • Final Vision Technology Ltd support team will offer technical support around the clock.

Motto: Education is the key to a quality and noble life therefore, the use of e-Library Systems and computer technologies will facilitate the process of acquiring knowledge, skills, efficiency, and wisdom which are the fundamental pillars of building a sound economy in every society.

The philosophy of Final Vision is this: Truth, Love, Equality, Justice, Honesty, and Integrity are the founding rock upon which Final Vision Technology Ltd (FVT) conducts business with investors and its clients.

Mission Statement

The company's mission statement stated above will enhance the vision of global village; reduction of poverty through  education, the establishment of multidirectional communication technologies, and the sharing of knowledge among people is vital to the developing economies of countries arround the world.

 Policies and Code of Ethics

 All books and resource materials available at this platform are owned by the individual universities, organizations,schools,  publishers, and authors. Final Vision Technology Ltd conducts business with high intergrity, honesty, and high moral standard with strong code of ethics and values to bring this project to the students and the general public.In order to protect  Intellectual properties of individual publishers, authors and enforce the copyright laws, students and readers are not allowed  to download any materials or print more than 10 pages from this website unless a written permission is obtained from the publishers and authors. All books and educational materials at the general library are legally purchased from publishers, individual authors, and resource materials that are available in the public domain to be read. The resources at this  platform are only used for educational, academic and industrial research purposes by students and non-students for the  development of Green Energy Technologies through the gift of sharing knowledge.

 Non-students can read from this platform through the purchase of monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Information and data from Customers  are secured by the highest encyrption code (SSL). All subscriptions purchased by non-students from this platform are subject to refunds within seven days of purchase. Purchase of subscriptions can be made by students, and non-students from all over the world.



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